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Committed to Your Success

Macro-Sorb Technologies is committed to your success in turf management. Our comprehensive line of amino acid-based products is formulated to help you achieve the best performance from your management program.


Quality turf is your passion. The team you hire, the equipment you use and the products you apply are all carefully chosen to allow you to meet the unique challenges of delivering a quality playing experience at your facility.

Every part of your management program is focused on delivering that quality experience, and we recognize that every input decision can impact turf quality. Macro-Sorb products are manufactured to strict quality standards in ISO 9001-certified facilities to provide you with the highest-quality amino acid-based products in the industry.


For the turf manager, these strict quality standards allow for predictable results and consistent turf performance throughout the season without unsustainable growth flushes.

Macro-Sorb amino acids are produced through a carefully controlled enzymatic process that yields high concentrations of biologically active free L-amino acids. This highly controlled, pharmaceutical-grade production process allows us to deliver consistent product formulations designed to deliver specific plant benefits.


Your stakeholders expect peak turf performance, regardless of weather, heavy play or shrinking budgets. And your performance as a professional turf manager is on display every time someone uses your facility. 

Get the best possible performance out of your management program with the help of Macro-Sorb Technologies. Our scientifically formulated products promote efficient uptake of tank mixed products, giving you confidence in your spray program.

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