Field Trial - Drought Stress Increase

Macro-Sorb Foliar and Macro-Sorb® Radicular Increase Drought Stress of Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua L.)

Study conducted by Dr. Watschke & Borger, Pennsylvania State University


During stressful conditions, plants are unable to perform normal synthesis of amino acids. By applying amino acids prior to the onset of drought stress, plants are able to prolong wilting and also recover from wilting faster.  This study was aimed at determining the impact of Macro-Sorb® Radicular (4.0 fl oz/M), Macro-Sorb® Foliar (2.0 fl oz/M), and Radicular + Foliar (4.0 + 2.0 fl oz/M) applications to annual bluegrass prior to the onset of drought stress. Applications were applied to annual bluegrass every 10 days for a total of 6 applications. Following applications, irrigation was completely removed and plants were evaluated for wilt.  Plants treated with Macro-Sorb® Radicular or Macro-Sorb® Foliar took longer to wilt (Figure 1.), and recovered quicker from wilting compared to the untreated control plants (Figure 2.).

Figure 1. Number of days for Annual bluegrass to wilt after irrigation removal.


Figure 2. Number of days for Annual bluegrass to recover from wilt.