Root zone treatment designed to enhance root mass production for greater stress tolerance and increased nutrient uptake

  • Proprietary formulation designed for maximum performance as a root zone application
  • Improves the efficiency of soil applied treatments by increasing their absorption and translocation within the plant 
  • Prepares turfgrass and other plants to better withstand summer and winter stress
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Formulated with high concentrations of free amino acids to increase a plant’s tolerance to abiotic stresses while improving photosynthetic capacity and nutrient use efficiency

  • A true foliar - specifically formulated for rapid absorption and translocation of nutrients through the leaves into the plant
  • Unique formulation delivers high concentrations of free L-amino acids directly to the foliage for fast uptake
  • Ideal treatment for managing plant health, especially in stressed areas and during adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought, frost, cold or chemical injury
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